Session 1

The party Disel(Matthew, Human-Cleric), Nerin(Neuro, Human-Wizard), and Rathalius Stomblade(Jason, Human-paladin)were traveling to the far away city called Stokhelm but suddenly were struck by a mudslide which caused them to go falling down from the mountain passage onto a valley where there was a forest called Feyhill Forest.

They were suddenly met by a mintuar who was out searching for food and decided to join them. The party decided venture into forest were in the stormy weather. Eventually they found a dirt path which lead to a crossroads. They decided to head north and the weather grew which in effect Nerin decided to crack his sunrod. Nerin handed his sunrod to Disel. They eventually found a kobold encampment down their path. The party started to loot the party bodies but were then assaulted by a Kobold dragonshield, Kobold Skirmisher, Dire wolf and Zombie Rotter. Upon first seeing the enemy view into sight, Nerin decided to blast the fuck out of the Kobold Dragonshield before the start of the encounter.

They fought the monsters head on but the monsters were surprising attacking Nerin head on for attacking the kobold Dragonshield. The party manages to defeat the monsters in the battle. The party begins to loot the bodies and take Spear, Short-sword, Hide armor, Summoning Black Orb,Scale armor and Heavy Shield. Each of the player members obtain 8 Silver pieces.


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